Amistad Canada

In early 2019 Mujeres en Cambio was invited to submit a project to Amistad Canada.  Amistad is a registered nonprofit organization in Canada whose mission it is to improve the lives of Mexicans in need through better health, education and social justice.  It is an all-volunteer organization (same as Mujeres en Cambio) consisting of Canadians who spend time in Mexico.

Amistad Canada provides Canadians with a charitable framework within which they can more effectively lend a hand to those in need.  To that end, Amistad Canada undertakes projects with local community-based partners to address and help close gaps in services.

In April Mujeres en Cambio proposed Empowerment through Education, which would result in raising funds from Canadians to provide scholarships to educate 28 of our Jr/Sr high school students and 10 of our university students for a year.  Approximately $25,000 CAD.

Presidents O’Neill and Arriola

We were very fortunate to have been selected as an Amistad Canada partner organization in June, and on July 1, 2019, (Canada Day) we began our relationship with Amistad.  MeC Board Member Stephen Bresolin from Ottawa, Canada is our Amistad Project Chair.

We will be undertaking a number of fundraising activities aimed at building on-going support for Mujeres en Cambio and building relationships with local Canadians who live either full or part-time in San Miguel de Allende. As well, we will be developing support from Canadians who live in Canada but want to support our scholarship program in Mexico.

So, if you are reading this and you are a Canadian anywhere in the world, you can make a donation and receive a tax related receipt by visiting Amistad Canada.

Please be sure to specify Mujeres en Cambio as your donation recipient.
We thank you in advance for your support!