The Camera Project

A few years ago fifty disposable cameras were donated to Mujeres en Cambio.  Those cameras were distributed to our scholarship recipients who were willing to take photos of important aspects of their daily lives in their rural communities and share them with us.

The photos that follow are some of the many hundreds of photos taken by these girls that illustrate their daily lives—family, friends, home, school, sports, chores and religion—as well as the some of the many challenges they face in continuing with school.

One of the challenges these youngsters face is the long distance they must walk before reaching the bus to get to school. This is compounded by the isolation of many villages for long periods of time during the rainy season. In addition, financial hardship faced by many families can result in removing daughters from school to assist with chores and the younger children at home.

The lives of the women in the country are quite difficult. Rural mothers work long hours under difficult circumstances and conditions. Their homes are simple, many with dirt floors and often lack services such as electricity, running water, toilets, garbage removal, and sewage containment.

In many ways, their lives have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Theirs is not an easy life, but hopefully their futures will be brighter as a result of education.

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