Sept 2021 scholarship distribution
Sept 2021 scholarship distribution


October 2021

Hi everyone! We have a lot of good things happening at Mujeres en Cambio. You, our faithful supporters, continue to demonstrate your passion for our mission. We have not yet reached our budget goal, but we are on our way. Congratulations! Please keep playin’ that tune.

We were shaken when our Scholarship Chair announced she was moving to Morocco. Go figure. But we got lucky because Barbara answered our plea and has taken over with flair. What a gem she is. She, Pakina and I, visited the 7 telesecundaria schools which we work with and who recommend the new village girls for our program. The teachers stepped up, so we have 21 fresh faces. They and their families probably do not yet realize what a ride they are in for! It will be something for all of us to watch with pride.

Not exactly good news but worth a mention. We have to change our status and become a Donataria Autorisada. We will have to incur some unexpected legal expenses to comply. The good part is that we will avoid getting taxed at 30%. Not kidding. It is part of the government’s wish to track money more carefully.

More magic! A new IT guy answered our plea on FB. Isaac has a real job managing databases for a large company. But he has kindly offered us some of his time. Together with Karen they are taking us to the next level so we can better track our students and our donors. Yes, we are watching you! But we also track our students’ grades and the cash—your cash. Much can be automated and that is what our IT guy is helping with.

We have a new treasurer too. Dennis has been working his way into the job in the last few months. You want us to spend your money wisely. So does Dennis! Rene, another new face with a background in accounting, looks over his shoulder just to be sure.

We are planning a major fundraising blitz around Giving Tuesday at the end of November. Our policy is to strongly remind you just two times per year, first in June/July and again in the Fall. We do not want you to feel like we are constantly hounding you. We are very grateful for your support. One thing that you might consider is what many supporters do. Set up a monthly donation plan. You can do that on our Website from the DONOR page here: Regularly scheduled donations also help us to budget with more certainty.

For fundraising events we have a couple more exciting on-line events planned for this year and we will let you know about them when the details are finalized. We are also hopeful that we will be able to finally have at least one in-person fundraiser luncheon before year end. Things have opened up in San Miguel and I have had several requests from supporters to get these get-togethers going again. It is nice to know we are missed.

We had our fourth scholarship distribution last month and our new team responsible for that got it done with panache. As mentioned, we have 21 new recruits to the program. Twenty of these young girls were chosen from the second year of Secundaria,  8th grade equivalent. One of them came specially recommended from the first year of Secundaria—a 12-year-old girl from a poor village close to Atotonilco. We introduced our team to the girls and gave them each an induction certificate and small gift to welcome them to the program.

All together now we have 170 active students in our program: 39 secundaria, 75 preparatoria and 56 university. At the most recent scholarship distribution we delivered scholarships to 97 secundaria and prepatoria girls and 56 university girls for a total of 407,500 pesos—a little over $20,000 USD. 

Donor alert! We are an all-volunteer organization. Sans volunteers, Mujeres en Cambio does not exist. Some volunteers have been with us forever; others are brand new like some I mentioned above. At a retreat last month most of us gathered at Pakina’s ranch to celebrate our good fortune, success and hard work. We had an idyllic afternoon with great camaraderie, food, and drink. You have a great team working for you and our girls. I am honored to be a part of it.

Donald Caldwell

L to R: Dennis Taylor, volunteer, René Gignac and Natalie Taylor

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