A scholarship from Mujeres en Cambio makes it possible for a girl who is an excellent student and maintains a high GPA to continue her education—from secundaria (junior high school) and preparatoria (senior high school) through university.

Throughout the school year we distribute scholarships to our qualifying students every two months. To qualify, the girls must bring their scholastic records proving that they have maintained a high GPA; the girls must have a minimum GPA of 8.5.

For the 2018-2019 school year, MeC granted 131 scholarships to girls in secundaria and preparatoria at an annual cost per student of $5,500 pesos, and granted 57 scholarships to university students at an annual cost per student of $20,500 pesos. While this amount does not cover all school costs, it is critical in helping a student reach her educational goals. This opportunity will enhance her quality of life and capacity for independence.

Mujeres en Cambio has a long waiting list of qualified students who have been nominated by their teachers for their excellent school achievements and their academic potential. Accordingly, we have more qualified students than we have the capacity to sponsor.  Please Donate to help us attain our goal of helping as many girls as possible pursue their education.

There are a lot of gender problems in the campos.  In the past, few organizations specifically helped women who must frequently endure ignorance and violence.  We believe that schooling will open their eyes and lives to a better future.
Pakina Fernández
Founding Member MeC
FormerDirector, DIF
The difference is clear between a student who has a scholarship and one who doesn’t.  The girls with a Mujeres en Cambio scholarship demonstrate this difference in their grades – and their smiles.  The scholarship is a motivation that changes not only their lives, but also their faces.
Antonio Garcia
Principal San Marcos