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Grateful for GivingTuesday

Recurring (Sustained) Donation

Budget for a regular monthly charitable donation, and your giving will become so much more intentional—and more consistent.

“As the name suggests, sustained giving is designed to ‘sustain’ the mission over time.” Sally Heaven, np Engage

The recurring monthly donation model allows you, the donor, to decide to give money throughout the year without having to go to a donation form online and give again. So, subscribe to a dollar amount. As a budgetary element, Mujeres en Cambio can now count on $50 a month for the next twelve months from you!

One Year of Junior High & High School

A $300 USD donation will educate a young girl for one year in either junior high or high school.

One Year in University

A $1,200 USD donation will educate a young woman for one year in university.

Give a One-Time Gift

A financial donation in any amount will help Mujeres en Cambio reach their annual goal of raising $90,000 USD for the beca (scholarship) fund.

Hydrogen powered superyachts and donations from billionaires often grab headlines in the fight against climate change. Whilst more simple and potentially more effective ways to tackle the climate emergency get less attention. The education of girls ranks #6 of the top 100 solutions!

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